WM’s mission is to provide top services to the international fashion community, through its roster of branding, marketing and production platforms. Our main focus is on understanding our client’s needs and guiding them through a variety of steps in their branding process: from finding the perfect model or celebrity to endorse their product, to guiding them through the production of their ad ad campaign and curating their image. As the fashion and luxury markets keep changing, we always stay ahead of the game by thinking about the right solution with an innovative approach, while always keeping a positive attitude.

WM Models is our flagship agency. It is ranked among the top agencies worldwide by Models.com and it is meant to be a boutique agency with an edited line up of select talents. Over the years, WM has launched the careers of household names such as Camille Rowe and Loulou Roberts. Our main concern is to always provide our clients not just with the right face for their brand, but also with a girl with the best attitude suited for their needs. We also truly aim to give the girls a well balanced and successful career, that is tailored to each girl, her look and her personality, by placing them in the right editorials in the best magazines and having them walk on the runways of the best designers.

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Incoming Models is our brand new agency based in Milan and Paris. Incoming is aimed at new talents, that we mentor through the beginning of their career. These girls are suited for an array of services, from editorials and ad campaigns, to runway and showroom modeling. We make sure we are choosing the best and most appropriate models for each casting, in order to embody the brand’s values, personality and philosophy. We support our girls in every possible way and our agents help each one of them in building a balanced portfolio, in order for them to work as much as possible and have a well-rounded, stable career.

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MD is a multi service talent consulting agency that is specialized in promoting, structuring and proposing great talents from different horizons to the contemporary industry. It is focused on the fashion and luxury markets, where we create opportunity by giving each talent the necessary structure to operate, promoting them with a 360° approach.

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«Aux âmes bien nées la valeur n’attend pas le nombre des années.» Founded in 2013, INSIDE brackets aims to become the number 1 agency for content production in fashion and design. Its principle – creating stories in three dimensions (photo, video, web) about the brands it represents.

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Studio Cassiopée and its 81m2 right is located right in the heart of the Marais. To stage your last clothing line, organize shoots in natural light, our showroom is the perfect place to make your event a successful one!

In this Italian restaurant fresh pasta is the speciality and everything is home made with products directly imported from Italy. Thanks to take-away and delivery services, Il Pastificio is where you want, when you want it! The restaurant also provides catering for events and shows.

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Our new partner Queen of Clubs is a Luxury Concierge and Lifestyle Services Provider which supplies the finest travel solutions and luxury products for the most demanding clientele. Queen of Clubs is a Luxury Concierge and Lifestyle Services Provider which supplies the finest travel solutions and luxury products for the most demanding clientele.

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From figures in the financial and modelling words to agents of production, Adrien Keller and his Viano (Mercedes) are available to all those looking for private transport across Paris and its suburbs.

Federico Denti - Founder & CEO

Federico, studied political sciences in Milan, economics and marketing at UCLA and is a NYU MBA graduate. After completing his studies, he spent ten years managing businesses in Italy, UK and US. He joined Women Management Paris in 2004 as the Managing Director, making his first steps in the modeling world. In 2008, he eventually realized his dream by founding WM, a full-service agency that would embody his vision of an ever-changing world.

Contact: federico.denti@justwm.com

Bruno Jamagne - Co-founder & Booking Manager WM Group

Bruno, together with Federico Denti, is one of the founders of WM. He is also the general manager of WM and a veteran of the modeling business. After his post-graduate in economics, he discovered the modeling world through his photography studies. After being appointed as editorial agent at Karin and then as director of sales at IMG, Bruno joined Women Management in 2004. Throughout his career he helped launch the careers of some of the most sought-after models in the industry, such as Gisele Bundchen, Gemma Ward and, more recently, Natasha Poly.

Contact: bruno@justwm.com

Sebestien Lebas - Managing Director WM Models

Sebastien is one of the founders of WM. Using part of his time to manage his company SCSAV that distributes Canon products, he is also the co-director of WM Models and is in charge of its financial management. Self made man, he gets up every morning at 5.30, bikes to work for 130km and still manages to be at the office every morning before his employees. A tireless worker and a great asset to the group.

Contact: sebastien@justwm.com

Deborah Sinigaglia - President MD France

Deborah Sinigaglia is the president of MD CREATIVE, WM group’s talent consulting agency.

Contact: debby@mdadn.com

Olivier Lafrontiere - Booking Manager Image

Olivier is, along with Bruno Jamagne and Federico Denti, one of the building partner of WM. Once graduated in Modern History and Sociology of Organisation at La Sorbonne, he quickly drifted off into fashion and worked at Next Models before moving to Women Management Paris. Throughout the years he triggered model’s career such Kasia Struss, Iris Strubegger and most recently Loulou Robert and Camille Rowe. At the origin of the creation of the Studio Cassiopee, he is now the second head ruling the booking table at WM Paris along with Bruno Jamagne.

Contact: o.lafrontiere@justwm.com

Lorenzo Wirz Castellani - Partner

After graduating in architecture Lorenzo developed a background in art, creative direction and photography. He became partner of WM group in 2014. Based between New York and Paris he is now responsible for the art direction and communication of all the companies in the group.

Contact: lwc@justwm.com

Carlo Maria Pelagallo - Director Inside Brackets

Carlo divided his work into two big categories: design and photography. Both are his passions at work. He plays with both in order to invent innovative communication formulas using new methods and languages. He is convinced that someone who focuses on two different things at the same time is continuously evolving their mind.

Contact: cmp@insidebrackets.com

Gianluca Parodi - General Manager WM Italia

His current role is as general manager of WM Italia, where he covers all the administrative functions. He has been active in the world of professional photography, where, through his company ‘ZENS’, he distributes prestigious brands such as Hasselblad, Leica and Broncolor.

Contact: gianluca.parodi@justwm.com

Filippo Torriani - Managing Director Queen of Clubs

Filippo Torriani has a university degree in Political Science. He lived in several countries and has been working in tourism industry since 18 years. He formed his experience working for Tour operators, Airline companies and Luxury resorts around the world. After a long touristic background, he joined the world of luxury hotels and started to sell and represent five star hotels. After several years working for prestigious hotels, he finally formed Queen of Cubs in July 2009, a Lifestyle Luxury Service company based in London and operating all over the Europe.

Contact: filippo@qofclubs.com